Top Best Cydia Tweaks For iOS/iPhone/iPad

Top Best Cydia Tweaks For iOS/iPhone/iPad

So, here are Top Best Cydia Tweaks For iOS/iPhone/iPad. iOS is an exceptionally secure OS and there are not really any escape clauses in it. Be that as it may, there is an approach to sidestep all the Apple security and introduce applications from different sources. All you have to do is Jailbreak your iPhone. With help of escape, you can introduce applications and changes from different sources and redo your iPhone in a radical new manner. These changes can roll out improvements in the default interface of your iPhone. When you escape your iPhone, you see an outsider application store named Cydia on your cell phone. This is a place to get every one of the changes and applications for your jailbroken iPhone.

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Top Best Cydia Tweaks For iOS/iPhone/iPad

#1: App Drawer 

iOS doesn't have an application drawer. Every one of the symbols are set on your homescreen. All things considered, in the event that you are burnt out on this format, you can have an Android like application drawer on your iPhone utilizing App Drawer change from Cydia.

#2: BytaFont 3

This little change for iPhone, you can change text style of iOS which is San Francisco. You can choose and apply any font you like with BytaFont 3.

#3: Browser Changer

Cherish Chrome or opera? At that point, you can set it as your default program rather than safari on your iPhone. Simply utilize this little change and your issue is fathomed. Your connections will open in your most loved program.

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