Index your Post on Google in 3 Second [Trick]

Once you published a New Blog Post then you started waiting for Googlebot to crawl your new post to be indexed in Google. But it took many hours to index and sometimes days. This is also seen that if you have a new Blog and your traffic is not so much then Google do not index your less popular post. Now what to do in this kind of situations? Many other Bloggers give advise to submitting your Blog to Google Webmaster Tools for fast indexing but in reality, this is also not working for Less Traffic Blogs. 

But Now No-More waiting for Indexing. Here a Trick to Index your Post on Google within Seconds. I'm talking about Fetch as Google Tool in Webmaster Tools. Almost every Blogger has an account on Google Webmaster but we never saw it completely. Here I’m explaining about Fetch as Google tool, developed by Google Webmaster tools where you can submit your blog to crawl and indexed very fast. This is 100% working trick and safe. Many other sites posting many tricks to index fast through various ways but that's all tricks are illegal and against Google policies. Use this 100% safe trick.

So let's get Started

First if you do not have account on Google Webmaster Tools then Create new one and add your site to Webmaster tools. Then use below two steps:

Step 1:  Submit your Site's Sitemap.

#1: Go to Webmasters Dashboard and Click on your Site

#2: Then from the left side menu, Click on Crawl then Sitemaps.

#3: Click on Red "ADD/TEST SITEMAP" button.

#4: Enter sitemap.xml in Text field.

#5: Then Click Submit Sitemap.

#6: Refresh the Page. Done.

Step 2: Trick to Index Fast.

#1: Now, Click on Fetch as Google Option from Crawl.

#2: Enter your Post's URL but without Domain name, example below. Enter Red Text only.

#3: Then Click on Fetch Button.

#4: Your URL Fetch properly.

#5: Click on Submit to index Button.

#6: A popup will Appeared. Choose Crawl only site URL Option and Click Go Button.

#7: Done.

Now your Post successfully Index on Google. If you want to check it then go to Google and Search for "site:your-post-link" or click here for example.
Note: You can only Fetch 500 URL in a Month.
Image Courtesy:  Financial Gazette

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