How to use Smartphone as Mouse for PC/Mac?

A computer mouse is an input device that is most often used with a personal computer. Moving a mouse along a flat surface can move the on-screen cursor to different items on the screen. Items can be moved or selected by pressing the mouse buttons (called clicking). It is called a computer mouse because of the wire that connects the mouse to the computer. The people who designed the first computer mice thought that it looked like the tail on a mouse. Today, many computer mice use wireless technology and have no wire.

WiFi Mouse transform your phone/tablet into a wireless mouse, keyboard and trackpad using WiFi Mouse. WiFi Mouse supports speech-to-text as well as multi-finger trackpad gestures. WiFi Mouse enables you to control your PC, MAC or HTPC effortlessly through a local network connection.

  • Mouse curser movement
  • left and right click support
  • Middle mouse button scroll
  • Remote keyboard input
  • Speech-to-text input for all languages
  • Mouse & keyboard full screen
  • Auto-connect on application startup
  • Support RDP(remote desktop protocol)
  • Compatible with XP/Windows Vista/ Windows 7 / Mac OSX
  • Support Android and IOS
  • Media Controller
  • Browser Controller
  • Presentation
  • Windows
  • Shutdown, Restart, etc
  • Simulation
  • Remote Access


How to use Smartphone as Mouse for PC/Mac?

#1: Install WiFi Mouse Software in your PC/Mac

#2: Install WiFi Mouse App in your Smartphone.

#3: Make sure that your PC and Phone connected to same WiFi Network.

#4: Run WiFi Mouse App in PC and in Phone too.

#5: In Phone, app will automatically detect your PC’s ID Address. Or, if not then enter it.

How to use Smartphone as Mouse for PC/Mac?

#6: Just click on Link Icon.

#7: Done.


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