Who Unfriended you on Facebook? Check Now

I’m back with my new post again about Facebook. Facebook is largest Social Media Network having 100 millions Users around the world. Facebook is the best way to stay connected with our Friends and Family members, and for some ‘Unknowns’ also. Facebook limit for making friends is 5000. Facebook gives all option to filtering friends by Current City, birthdays, Hometown and many more except Lost Friends. Friends those remove you from their friend list. So here a way to find out.

#1: By Installing Extensions

  1. Install the Extensions for your Browser. For Chrome & For Firefox.
  2. Done. Now it will notify you whenever someone remove you from his/her List.
  3. You can also check this by go to you friend list then click on Lost Friends Option.
#2: Some Online Methods
  1. Deleted.io
  2. Sadly Unfriended

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