How to Recover any Hacked Facebook Account?

Facebook is an addiction to many but is important for all, correct me if I am wrong but people have been so much obsessed with the social network, that many users (I personally know) have started using Facebook at work, family gatherings, at the airport, and where not? However, addiction like this can sometimes be harmful, not physically but mentally. It happens when an account of a person who is very much addicted to Facebook gets hacked.
Yesterday my good friend just call me. Her friend’s Facebook Account was hacked. The guy who changed her password was changed her Email ID too. So, a girl or anybody who have no knowledge regarding this all, can recover her Account again?
Well, this is a good question. Here i mentioned some steps. Follow then but first read that how you can lose your account. 

How you lose it?
An example could be: Since those regular users who always like to log in to their Facebook accounts to check their updates of ‘every second’ without caring if they are at some cafe, friend’s place or office etc. sometimes end up losing their Facebook profiles due to their utter fearlessness and carelessness. Some people share their passwords who closed to them, sometimes to their family members or some to their friends too. Looks Unbelievable but true. Many Softwares or apps also designed by hackers to steal passwords. So do not add unwanted Applications. Download applications from trusted and tested sites only.
How to recover my hacked account?
If you are one of those addicts whose Facebook account has been compromised due to the above mentioned carelessness or any other blunder, then you should follow the following steps to recover it:
Step 2: Click on My Account is Compromised
Step 3: Enter Email, Phone, Username or Your Fb Name.
Step 4: Enter your Old Password or Current Password.
Step 5: Maybe it will ask you to upload image of your Govt. approved ID Proof i.e. Passport, Adhaar Card, Driver License, Ration Card, etc. After uploading Proof it will reviewed by Facebook. If you upload correct proofs then sure it will send you a link in your Email. Click that link.
Step 6: Or, just click Continue on Secure Your Account.
Step 7: Set a new Password; Of course unique.
Step 8: Done.
Now you successfully recover your Facebook Account. But this time, don’t share your password with anyone. LOL!! Hope this tutorial guide you. If you still have some problems then leave a comment below.

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