How to Disable Apps Platform on Facebook?

Another post about Facebook. My first post on my this blog about “How to Block App Requests with three methods?” helps many but that post is for particular apps. In my today’s post, i will show you that how you can disable your Facebook account for Apps. With this method, you will no more saw any app request in Notification. This is trick is great for those do not use any single app.
On the other hand, there are many disadvantages of this trick. If you use Log in with Facebook on Sites like Spotify, etc then you will no more use this feature. Many Users also added their Twitter and Instagram account their in Facebook. These Users also can’t access their Twitter and Instagram through Facebook medium because these applications also work and run through/with Facebook apps and if you disable your Facebook apps then application no more access your account. This Trick only useful for; those uses Facebook for chatting, etc purpose only.
How to Disable Apps Platform on Facebook?
#1: Log in to Facebook

#2: Click on Settings

#3: Click on Apps Option from left side menu or click here

#4: Click on Edit button for Apps, Websites and Plugins.
#5: A popup will appeared. Then click on Blue Disable Platform Button.
#6: Done
Image Courtesy: Techtudo

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