How to Create YouTube Playlists without Logging In?

How do you share a collection of YouTube videos in an email newsletter or on the social media? The best option is that you create a new YouTube playlist, add all the videos and then share the link (URL) of the playlist. The privacy of the YouTube playlist can be set to Unlist if you would like to hide your video list from search engines.
It is easy to build playlists on YouTube but they are always connected to your YouTube channel or Google Account – you cannot create a playlist on YouTube anonymously without logging in to your account.
There’s, however, a simple URL hack that will let you create “virtual” playlists on YouTube – they are like regular playlists except that they are not connected to any Google account and you can still add or remove videos on the fly.

Create YouTube Playlists

All YouTube videos have a unique video ID and you can create a concatenated list of these video IDs, separated by commas, to create a new YouTube playlist from the corresponding videos.

For instance, here are 5 YouTube videos (video IDs are in bold) that I would like to add to a playlist but one that is not associated with my YouTube channel:


All I have to do is take the video IDs and put them in the URL below:,ID2,ID3,ID4

So the new YouTube playlist will be located at:,fhU5y7huAY8

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