How to Check Facebook Pending Requests?

Facebook is the number one social network site, where we connect with our friends and family members. But we often send friend requests to peoples who are not known to us. Those peoples are from our city or we just want to contact with them for a different reason. It is OK to send friend requests to unknown peoples, but do you know that when you do this your Facebook activity is being tracked by Facebook algorithms.
When those friend requests doesn’t approve by the person then your requests go in pending state. Then you forget about the request after some time and you keep sending requests to other peoples and you got your Facebook account blocked. The main point is not with sending friend requests the main thing is pending requests that you send to unknown peoples who don’t accept your friend request. After some time and a limit of Pending Friend Requests your account got blocked.
Now you want to send more friend request to some known peoples or to your new friends but you can’t do this when your account is blocked. For this you have to cancel those pending friend requests or send messages to those peoples to accept your friend request. You can send messages from your friends ID or over when the block limit is over.
Now the main point comes, how we come to know that our friend requests are pending? And how we come to know those peoples who are not accepting those friend requests. For this you have to follow below are defined tutorial which will tell you how you can check Facebook Pending Friend Requests.
Step 1: Log in your Facebook

Step 2: Now click here or here

Step 3: In new Tab, your Sent Requests will Opened.

Step 4: If you want to Cancel Sent Request then, just move your mouse Arrow to “Friend Request Sent” Button.
Step 5: A Menu will popup under that button.

Step 6: Select “Cancel Friend Request” Option from it.
Step 7: Again Click on “Cancel Request” Button on Confirmation.
Step 8: Done
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